Bradan Dorper Flock

Our foundation flock is from direct Dell bloodlines. We purchased ewes from Dell Dorpers, some were embryo lambs from John Dell- South Africa in 2007. We undertook an initial Artificial Insemination (AI) program in April 2008, using semen from the leading Dell Dorper sires. This resulted in ewes that are now well established maternal lines within our stud.

By only concentrating on these genetic sources the "Bradan" type has been established.

We strongly believe in breeding with the best genetics available so as to receive the best results possible in our flock. Our goals have always been to produce top quality Dorpers which are highly productive, true to type, maternal ewes and hard working, highly fertile, heavily muscled rams.

All under paddock conditions.

We are very passionate about the Dorper breed and enjoy sharing our passion with others.

We welcome all inquiries, and stud inspections can be arranged via appointment.

The breed is well adapted to Australia's conditions. High twinning rates, triplets common also. Dorpers reach breeding maturity at young ages.  A Dorper ewe is non-seasonal, she can produce lambs 3 times in a 2 year period.   They are very good milk producers, providing quality sustenance for their fast growing lambs.

Small birth weights (ave 3 to 4 kg Single lambs), reaching weights of 40 to 50 kg by the age of 4 to 6 months old. 

Dorpers have superior traits in muscling, yield (dressing out at 51%) and fat distribution. Over the years we have discriminated against undesirable temperament. This has resulted in our Dorpers having a quiet, inquisitive and mild temperament. We work our stock using quiet, calm, and low stress handling techniques. Dorpers low maintenance qualities make them a great choice for any commercial sheep enterprise as well as smaller land holders. They shed their fleece, don't require mulseing, or tail docking. Dorpers have a high resistance to internal and external parasites. 

We sell all year round, straight out of the paddock. We sell domestically and internationally. We select a handful of animals to be sold annually at the Bendigo Supreme Dorper Sale (July) and at the National Dorper Sale (Dubbo, September).

All stock is 100% full blood Dorper, and can all be registered with the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia Inc.

Brad and Danielle MCINTOSH  +61 408 445 221 or +61 411 638 346 - [email protected]

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