Kateland Flock

Kateland Flock

The Kateland  flock come so far since it was established in 2015 bought my first Suffolks being a total head of 8, in 2020 that reached 300.

I've never known a job quite like it and im sure the best job/lifestyle i would ever wish for, i wouldn't change it for the world. From bringing life into the world and to hand raising my bottle babys. There is nothing like the feeling of walking into a field and they all come running over or sitting with one of my orphans while watching the others play in the sunset. im sure in all of those moments i am sure i have the best job. Sure its hard work and winter is harder, but i love to see all of them and we are all part of a team.

We also have Pedigree Hebridean sheep; All birth notified with the Hebridean sheep society and from good bloodlines.

All parts of the Kateland flock together, Suffolks, Hebridean, Oxford downs  and Scottish Blackface. 

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