Oakhill Jacob Flock

The Jacob Sheep breed is possibly the oldest sheep breed in the World, with historical references dating back to the Old Testament, Book of Genesis.

The Jacob sheep are multi-purpose animals. They are generally raised for their meat, wool and hides. Jacob meat is considered one of the best tasting lamb around. The meat is lean and mild flavored. Adult sheep do not develop a 'gamy' taste as do many meat breeds. 190% born alive is a realistic lambing percentage. High lambing percentages are to be expected, particularly to ewes lambing later in the season.

Jacob ewes show consistently good mothering qualities and many will successfully produce sufficient milk to rear triplets without resorting to supplementary feeding.

The Oakhill Jacob flock was established in 2002.  it was started when I left school and was looking for a sheep different from what was already in the commercial flock, The Jacob Rams and Females are both horned and are a prolific and hardy breed and are also an ideal ewe for beginners and established flocks and make a great addition too any commercial flock as crossed with a commercial ram produces a great lamb for cross-breeding or fat market. 

The Oakhill Jacob Flock is mostly 4 horned and new replacements are usually purchased from the society sale at St Boswells, Scotland. 

Stock are all purebred and registered through grassroots and occasionally some stock for sale tho most males are castrated and sold for meat. 

The flock is based in Whitehaven, Cumbria and run by Tom Roper 07784786800

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