Rietfontein Zwartbles

The Rietfontein flock was established with the purchase of 2 pure gimmer lambs for my mams birthday this led to the start of the Rietfontein flock which now has 40 breeding ewes which are bred pure and also commercially bred to produce an early commercial lamb in time for the spring lamb trade. 

The Zwartbles breed is descended from a relatively large breed of sheep called the Schoonebeker which grazed the heathlands of North East Holland. It gets its name from a place called Schoonebeek in the province of Drenthe.

The Zwartbles sheep are considered to have a superior conformation that can be passed down to the next generation, it has many characteristics considered desirable for cross breeding, its large frame, prolific nature, milky ewes, and fast growth rate. The ewe lambs produced are retained for breeding and crossed with any of the main terminal sires.

Zwartbles are elegant, tall black sheep with a distinctive white blaze from poll to the muzzle, two to four short white socks and white-tipped tails. Zwartbles provide meat and milk with the addition of a very fine thick brown-black fleece with lots of crimp. Their temperament is very friendly and they are easy to handle.

The Zwartble is a docile sheep and make great mothers and are a milky ewe so make a good job of rearing their lambs whether it is pure or commercial. The Rietfontein flock is currently running with our homebred rams and will lamb in to batches the first been in January and the remaining ones in march. 

All the flock are pure bred and registered with the Zwartble society and occasionally stock is available for sale. 

The Rietfontein flock is owned by Alison Roper and contactable via Tom Roper 07784786800

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